About WIA Company Limited

A wholly owned Tanzanian company celebrating it’s 15th year as a premier provider of communications and digital information services.

Our Mission

To positively transform how people and businesses connect with each other.

Our Vision

An expansive network fabric which delivers fast and reliable digital services.

What Defines Us

Innovation, Proactiveness, Empowerment

Who we are

We use Information Technology to deliver the promise of the digital world to businesses, communities and rural areas in Tanzania.

What we do

We transform how people and businesses connect with each other through innovative solutions and proven technologies.

How we operate

We listen and craft solutions which positively redefine how businesses maintain growth while providing reliable services to their customers.

At a Glance

Affordable, high-speed Internet and reliable cloud content delivery for homes and businesses

Fiber Optics
Wireless broadband ( LTE+,4G)
Uptime, Strict SLAs
Global reach
Media & Entertainment

The Jenga Initiative

Our contribution to economic and social advancement

Inspiring the next generation

We aim to move Tanzania forward by expanding IP network coverage, proving access to free E-learning platforms, and supporting internship programs geared towards preparing the youth for future jobs.

Realizing the Internet’s role in community empowerment

We empower rural communities to achieve sustainable growth through vocational and e-learning programs, providing access to electronic banking tools, and tele-health services to ensure access to skilled medical personnel in remote areas.

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