Seamless service delivery when disaster strikes

Deliver reliable services. All the time

Failures in customer service are inevitable. Whether you are just starting out as a business or a well-oiled machine, you are bound to slip up and disappoint a customer at some point.

Left unresolved, service failures produce disgruntled customers who will be quick to tell anyone who will listen about their poor service experience.

With an effective disaster recovery plan and solution in place, your business can become resilient and can easily resume operations with minimal downtime and data loss.

Using proven technologies, bespoke workflows, and skilled expertise, we work with you to resolve and turn outages into opportunities which enhance customer loyalty and improve overall customer satisfaction.

  • Boost operational efficiency

    Eliminate infrastructure sprawl through consolidated backup and automated disaster recovery task management.

  • Achieve near-zero outage

    Rapidly recover from infrastructure outages and ransomware attacks with real time failover and automated task orchestration.

  • Proactive feedback

    Get access to the technologies you need to provide updates to your customers in the event of an outage.

Protection for your mission critical data and application services

Our Disaster Recovery service reduces the complexity and time spent managing your data and service delivery infrastructure.

Our platform is based on continuous data protection with near synchronous replication technology crafted to ensure that your business can quickly recover from  service disruptions, ransomware attacks, hardware failures, and network outages.

To limit data loss and service downtimes, we combine cloud technologies with custom workflows, and strict SLAs to provide your business with offsite infrastructure and the tools you need to achieve your recovery point objectives.

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