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Whether you have two employees or 500, a fast, reliable internet connection is crucial to keeping them working and staying connected to your customers. We have options that offer the speed and reliability you need at a cost that will fit your organization.

An expansive network footprint

From the largest cities to rural towns - we got you covered

How we get the job done

Auxiliary services which deliver real value for your end users

Timely support

Expert help when you need it the most - 24/7/365

Network monitoring

Get clear insights and visibility into your network

Fast deployment

Get up and running in hours rather than weeks

The right solutions - for those hard to reach places

A variety of last mile-options, including fiber, microwave, and satellite, as well as 4G or LTE+ network connectivity, means that WIA can provide the best support for each local site, backed by expert vendor-agnostic support.

Network Diversity - for always on connectivity

A diverse selection of upstream carriers, last-mile options, proven technologies, and redundant local loops gives you the strongest possible protection against connection failures and ensures reliable connectivity to the Internet and your branch offices.

Enterprise service - to meet your high standards

With the support of our DDoS protection and Cloud Acceleration platforms, we guarantee optimized performance by scanning online traffic and finding the fastest routes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Next Gen+ Internet is our premier broadband service which delivers reliable high speed connectivity to your business and residence.

Study, work, collaborate, and, surf the Internet using secure, reliable, high speed infrastructure. 

Yes. We deploy backup routes and redundant nodes to ensure consistent service delivery in all regions. 

Based on your requirements, we determine and deploy the choice of fixed wireless access or direct  optical fiber infrastructure required to support your connectivity requirements.

No. Do more of what you love with dedicated bandwidth, unlimited data, and no data caps.

Yes. We provide intuitive monitoring tools bundled with the intelligence required to provide detailed real-time and historical bandwidth usage reports.

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