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Wide Coverage

Get high speed connectivity at any location in Tanzania. Take it to the next level with cross-border access across the East African region.

Simple setup, 24/7/365 Support

Getting started is easy. If you need help, we’re here for you.

Reliable Connectivity

For all your desktops, laptops, and mobile devices, even when everyone’s online.

The speed you need

Do more of what you love with the fastest Internet and strong WiFi coverage for your offices and residences.


Smart Plans

Our Philosophy - one size does not fit all. Select a plan that meets your specific requirements.

Internet for Business

Unlimited Business

WIA Unlimited Business Internet gives you a new choice for keeping your business connected with fixed wireless connectivity and unheard-of simplicity. 

Unlimited Data

Internet for your Family

Get Wi-Fi that delivers for work, school, and play

You need an Internet connection that works for everyone in your family. Get WIA Internet with strong smart Wi-Fi in your entire home.

Unlimited Data

We go the extra mile

Get clear visibility into your network

Through our network monitoring platform, your IT team can get a clear picture of all the connected devices in the network, see how data is moving among them, and quickly identify and correct issues that can undermine performance and lead to outages.

Better use of IT resources

The hardware and software tools available on our network monitoring platform reduce manual work for your IT teams. That means valuable IT staff have more time to devote to critical projects for the organization. 

Insight into infrastructure needs

Our network monitoring platform can provide reports on how network components have performed over a defined period. By analyzing these reports, your network administrators can anticipate when the organization may need to consider upgrading  or implementing new IT infrastructure.

Identify security threats faster

Network monitoring helps you understand what “normal” performance looks like on your networks. So, when unusual activity occurs, such as an unexplained increase in network traffic levels, it’s easier for administrators to identify the issue quickly–and to determine whether it may be a security threat.

Private. Secure. Super Fast

The Internet you Deserve

Frequently Asked Questions

Next Gen+ Internet is our premier broadband service which delivers reliable high speed connectivity to your business and residence.

Study, work, collaborate, and, surf the Internet using secure, reliable, high speed infrastructure. 

Yes. We deploy backup routes and redundant nodes to ensure consistent service delivery in all regions. 

Based on your requirements, we determine and deploy the choice of fixed wireless access or direct  optical fiber infrastructure required to support your connectivity requirements.

No. Do more of what you love with dedicated bandwidth, unlimited data, and no data caps.

Yes. We provide intuitive monitoring tools bundled with the intelligence required to provide detailed real-time and historical bandwidth usage reports.

Our secret weapons
  • Proven technologies
  • Round the clock support
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